KRS Recycling Systems


  • For separation of organic and plastic materials
  • Applicable for container, flat and MRF glass recycling
  • Suitable for dry and wet input material



ORSE TypeWorking widthMax.
throughput capacity*
A450 mm6 t/hCullet (5-60 mm)
B600 mm10 t/hCullet (5-60 mm)
C625 mm10 t/hPre-sorting of MRF glass, unbroken container glass or pre-shredded flat glass
D2 x 610 mm20 t/hPre-sorting of MRF glass, unbroken container glass or pre-shredded flat glass

* Depending on the amount of impurities, cullet size and moisture of the input material.


  • Separation of all light impurities
    The counterflow air channel reliable blows out impurities with a lower specific weight than glass.
  • Organic Pre-Sorting of MRF-, unbroken container- and pre-shredded flat glass
    The organic content of MRF-, unbroken container resp. collected glass and pre-shredded flat glass can be reduced to a minimum by ORSE-C and ORSE-D separators.
  • Separation performance
    The variable adjustment of the air speed allows a precise differentiation between broken glass and lighter impurities.
  • Horizontal air flow
    Due to the horizontal arrangement, impurities do not have to be lifted vertically. This results in a much better degree of separation compared to conventional suction nozzles or zigzag classifiers.
  • Multiple separation
    Parts that are difficult to blow out and which are not completely separated on the first air flow get several chances to be caught by the increased air flow at the end of the conveyor trough. This increases the separation reliability even for difficult impurities.
  • Info
    Depending on the application, the dust content and specific regulations, additional dust filtering might be required.