KRS Recycling Systems

(Belt Conveyor System)

  • For color sorting and separation of impurities out of glass cullet
  • Applicable for container and flat glass recycling
  • Especially suitable for difficult sorting tasks with several separation stages (e.g. MRF glass recycling) or for extremely high quality requirements)




sensor systems*
Detection of:
C-CImproved (CSP-)detection (e.g. for differentiation of Dark-Glass from CSP)
XHR (heat resistant Glass)
FoPb (leaded Glass)
MMETALS (ferrous and non-ferrous)

* All sensor systems for the K9 FLASH separators can be combined and are upgradable in one Sorter, e.g. K9 FLASH MXC-C-Fo+N.


Working widthMax.
throughput capacity*
Number of valves [Valve distance]
1024 mm12 t/h320 [3,2 mm]160 [6,4 mm]
1280 mm15 t/h320 [4,0 mm]160 [8,0 mm]

* Depending on the amount of impurities and cullet size.


  • Improved sorting performance compared to free fall separators
    A better distribution of the cullet is achieved by the high-speed belt conveyor. The cullet has a precisely defined speed and flight curve between detection and separation unit. A jumping or rolling of the individual cullet is almost excluded. This leads to best possible sorting results even with extremely high contaminated input material such as MRF glass.
  • Serial arrangement of several separators
    By arranging several K9 Separators in a row, a lower overall height and less steel construction is required. The direct and soft material transfer from one K9 Separator to the next saves additional feeders, belt conveyors and screening technology.
  • Highest detection accuracy even with fine glass
  • Precise separation
    High-speed magnetic valves with extremely precise and fast switching times and a long working life ensure a precise separation of colors and impurities.
  • Lowest glass loss
    Avoidance of false detection due to intelligent image processing algorithms.
  • Black glass detection
    The optional dual-sensor system C-C improves the detection of CSP and allows e.g. a differentiation between extremely dark cullet (e.g. black glass) and CSP. The option C-C is also used for CSP detection in the fine glass fraction and other difficult sorting tasks.
  • Plastic detection
    K9 FLASH Separators can optionally be equipped with a NIR Sensor for the recognition of plastics. This also enables the detection and separation of heavy and transparent plastics such as acrylic glass and Makrolon®.
  • Suitable only for dry input material
    Due to the use of a high-speed conveyor belt and the high sorting precision, the cullet must be dry (<0,3% residual moisture).
  • Modular multi-sensor system
    All sensor systems for colors and impurities can optionally be integrated into a single K9 FLASH Separator. All sensor systems can be retrofitted to the FLASH version.
    As entry level separator we offer the K9 BASIC Separator. The K9 BASIC Separator can only be equipped with the C, M and N sensor systems and cannot be upgraded.
  • Reduction of fine grain
    The drop height between individual K9 Separators in a K9 row is only approx. 20cm. As a result, any additional refraction of the cullet is reduced to an absolute minimum, even if several K9 Separators are installed in series.
  • Service-friendly design
    Maintenance of several separators on one level possible.